Meet the Planners

Well, not all of them, that could take a while! But Ashley and Danielle were willing to take a minute to say “hi!” and tell you a little bit about what they do at Vegas Weddings, why they love it (and YOU!) and to say thank you again for voting us the Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s 2015 poll!

We hope you enjoy the video, and if there’s something else you want to see, let us know!

Need to talk to a planner? Call or email us today! 702-933-3464

Wedding Planners Ashley Clark and Danielle Meyer at Vegas Weddings explain the wedding planning process.
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Couple Builds New Foundation and Celebrates with Vegas Weddings

Living Grace Home Helps Homeless, Pregnant, Young Woman

Find Shelter, Create New Foundation For Growing Family

LAS VEGAS (July 18, 2013) – A homeless young mother in Las Vegas has found proof that home is where the heart is.

Jennifer Dione, originally from (Detroit, MI), found herself at Living Grace Home in Las Vegas, suddenly jobless, newly homeless, recently pregnant and needing help that only Living Grace Home could provide.

Dione and her boyfriend, Towane Thomas, had begun a life together when life came crashing in around them. They both lost their jobs in the recession, and Thomas was forced to relocate back to New Jersey. Dione’s parents could not take her in, as they reside in an age restricted community.

Fortunately, Living Grace Home was there to help Dione create a foundation for her new life. Shortly after coming to Living Grace Home, she began communicating with Thomas again, and with the family style surroundings and support from the Living Grace caregivers, Dione was able to begin to rebuild.

Now the couple plan to tie the knot at Vegas Weddings Chapel on July 18, 2013 at 4pm. Vegas Weddings Chapel, located at 555 S. 3rd Street, has donated their services to the couple. “It is a pleasure to support Living Grace Home and help Jennifer & Towane start their life together,” said Ann Parsons, Marketing Director for Vegas Weddings.

“Living Grace Home provided a home for me when I had no where else to go. I have no idea what would have happened to me or my baby. Thanks to Living Grace Home, we have a second chance, and our family can begin our life together,” Dione said.

Living Grace Home Executive Director Kathleen Miller said, “Jennifer is a perfect example of why Living Grace Home exists and how we play an important role in the Las Vegas community. We help 25 women just like Jennifer every year, and we are thankful to the generous support of the Las Vegas community for enabling us to provide the necessary services that we do.”

For more information about Living Grace Home, visit

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5 Wedding-related myths busted!

You may have encountered these 5 wedding traditions, and perhaps you haven’t wanted to conform. The good news is, you don’t have to! Check out how these practices have evolved from tradition to myth.

Photo: Larissa Cleveland

1. The bride has to wear a big white dress.
No you don’t, that is, unless you want to!  These days, brides are wearing all sorts of variations on their dresses, and your Las Vegas wedding is a great place to break tradition and wear something uniquely YOU.

2. The bride and groom can’t see each other before the wedding.
Ok, ok, we know that you know this one. But we have to reiterate this point, because some of the best and sweetest pictures, (i.e., not rushed) have been taken candidly before the ceremony and also with family.

3. Your ring has to be a giant, sparkling diamond.
Not everyone finds something special in a diamond. Vintage rings, precious gems and birthstones have all been wonderful and meaningful substitutes for your wedding jewelry. As long as it means something to you.

4. Vow renewals have to take place on a special anniversary.
Not so! Your vow renewal is something that you decide on as a couple. It can be as formal and structured as a second wedding, or done as casually as a surprise date night. Vegas vow renewals are a fun special way to remind yourselves of your special and unique love. Do what feels right!

5. You pay for this, they pay for that…
Tradition has dictated that the bride’s family pays for the wedding, and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner, or something like that. These days, many couples pay for the wedding themselves, while extended family members often chip in wherever they can!

Need help planning your Vegas Wedding? Visit our website or call us today! 702-933-3464 or toll free (800) 823-4095!

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We’re honored to be part of the “Best of Las Vegas” poll!

A new year brings a new “Best of Las Vegas” poll, and we’re so excited to be a part of it this year!

We need YOUR help winning, though- so if you would be so kind as to vote for us, we would be so grateful! We’ve taken the time to help out with instructions. There’s so many different ways to vote, we wanted to make it easier on you, so here goes!

1. To get to the fill in ballot online, click here:

2. It will ask you to either register, or Log in with Facebook.  If you register by filling in your information, proceed to step 3. If you log in with Facebook, proceed to step 4.

3. If you successfully register by filling in your information, it will show you the ballot immediately. Fill in your votes, making sure you remember to fill in “Vegas Weddings- 555 South 3rd Street” under Locations–> Wedding Chapel. See picture below.

Then enter the code verification and click “Enter Now”. You’re DONE! Thanks so much!!

4. Once you log into Facebook, it will ask you for permission to post on your page. You can allow it, or not- it’s your decision. Follow the prompts to login.

5. If the page for the Facebook login stays blank, go back and check your tabs or open windows in your browser to find the original contest page. It should have you logged in, even though the page didn’t do anything.

6. Once you get back to the contest page, it may look like it’s asking you to login again. If you see anything that says “Welcome (yourname)”, ignore that login and just click on “Submit Ballot”.

7. After clicking “Submit Ballot”, it will show you a long, fill-in list for voting. Enter as many businesses as you like, but please remember to type in “Vegas Weddings- 555 South 3rd Street” under Locations–> Wedding Chapel. :) (Just like the picture in step 3)

8. After you fill in the categories, enter your code verification, and click “Enter Now”. You’re DONE! Thanks so much!! :)

 We can’t thank you enough for your support!!

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What’s Your Dream Wedding Style?

Even if you didn’t start planning your dream wedding in childhood, you’ll still have an image of the overall style you’d like- usually a reflection of your own personal style. From casual to trendy, we’ve found some style ideas to suit your Vegas Wedding perfectly!



You have your Prince Charming, now how do you tastefully inject some fairytale dreams you had as a child? With options that range from poofy Cinderella dresses to tiaras that announce your princess status, you have a ton of choices to incorporate your favorite fairytale aspects.
One of our favorite ideas: Over-the-top princess shoes; the more glitter, the better! We suggest checking out Pinterest for more ideas- you’re sure to find something you love!


Rock ‘N Roll

You may not be the frilly girly-girl, but you still want to stand out as the bride on your wedding day. Whatever era of Rock ‘N Roll you’re in love with, your dress will make the biggest statement about your special style!
Some of our favorite ideas: Mod, vintage wedding dresses, or dresses with edgy fabrics and colors. Check out Rock N Roll Bride for amazing ideas!



You’ve always been a fan of clean lines, so frills, ruffles and lace may not be your thing. Sleeker floral profiles and eliminating a veil will keep you looking less princess-like and more like a stunning work of art.
Trends we love: Sleek, asymmetrical dresses and punches of unexpected colors.



Image courtesy of Etsy seller bytheway

Eco Wedding Dress with Detachable Train Upcycled Refashioned Bridal Dress Modern Size 6 Small by seller “bytheway” on Etsy

Respecting the environment is not only important to you, it’s necessary in everything you do. Maintain your respect for Mother Nature by choosing materials that are recycled or organic.
Our fave ideas: Pre-owned wedding dresses, or dresses that have been up-cycled (re-fashioning dresses out of eco-friendly materials). Check out Etsy for some great custom creations!



Vegas Weddings guests Mr. and Mrs. Lawson

“Come as you are” seems to be your motto. Your wedding details come together without fuss or stress. When you find the right invitations, dress, or shoes- you’ll know it.
One of our favorite looks: Cowboy boots with a shorter, colored dress. If you have the right personality, it works amazingly!

Have your style all figured out? Let us help you find the perfect Vegas Wedding package!

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Want to Win a Tour of the Las Vegas Strip by Helicopter? Find out how to enter!

Vegas Weddings FREE Helicopter Tour of the Strip Contest!

Vegas Weddings is excited to offer a brand new contest featuring a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip! One lucky couple will win every month!

This is pretty hard to beat when it comes to romance & adventure. You and a guest will enjoy a fantastic trip in a helicopter to take a birds-eye view of the fabulous Las Vegas strip. There is no better way to see Las Vegas. Period!

Only one entry per couple please. Entering more than once will void all your entries. Winners are chosen once a month and posted on our Facebook page. To see the complete contest rules, click here.

Good Luck! We hope YOU win. :-)

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Four Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Your dress is gorgeous, your hair and makeup are stunning, and your bouquet is truly lovely.  Your pictures are wonderful for capturing 2 dimensional memories, but what about saving your bouquet? We’ve compiled a list of ways you can make your bouquet last for years to come!

Image Courtesy Keepsake Floral

Keepsake Floral can even re-create your bouquet from photos!

1. Creating a custom monogram or a shadow box.
A process that typically occurs within 1-4 days of your wedding, this option is for brides who want to choose every detail of their bouquet preservation. Has your wedding already passed? They can also re-create your bouquet from pictures!
Check out Keepsake Floral here.

Image courtesy Fresh Picked Freeze Drieds2. Rehydrated, then freeze-dried in a table top display

This process must also be done quickly after your wedding, but serves as the truest form of your bouquet. Fresh Picked Freeze Drieds lovingly re-hydrates your bouquet and then delicately freeze dries your flowers before placing them in a display box of your choice. The one pictured here costs under $400!

Image Courtesy Nest Candy

3. Press them yourself at home!
This blog tells you how to press your flowers yourself! You can then use them in scrapbooking, on cards or stationery, or even in frames!
Check out the detailed tutorial on Nest Candy.

Image Courtesy Come On Ilene

Ilene, owner of the blog Come on, Ilene, shares how she created this ornament from her wedding flowers

4. Fill christmas ornaments with freeze dried petals

Of course, this option only allows you to enjoy your flowers for the duration of your holiday decorating, but it certainly is a beautiful and sentimental way to decorate your tree!  Come On, Ilene shares tips on how she created her ornament/memory capsule.

Haven’t picked your bouquet yet? Check out our Las Vegas Wedding Flowers!

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New Casino Chapel Features a 400-gallon “Tanked” Aquarium and More!

Reserve your special date now!

What’s more fun than a Las Vegas wedding? How about a casino-themed wedding, complete with a real slot machine, a Blackjack table, and a roulette wheel? Oh, and don’t forget about the 400 gallon aquarium built by the guys behind Animal Planet’s hit show, Tanked!

Tanked Cast & Crew

APL’s Tanked films at Vegas Weddings, starring Wayde King & Brett Raymer. Gina Houts, manager at Vegas Weddings, pictured second from right.

Here’s the scoop, straight from Gina Houts, manager at Vegas Weddings in Downtown Las Vegas:

“Cliff Evarts, owner of Vegas Weddings, wanted to convert part of his original chapel in to a Casino Wedding Chapel with the look of “Old Vegas” complete with a real slot machine, a Blackjack Table and Roulette Wheel.  But to really make it stand out, I suggested adding a special aquarium to the room.  Acrylic Tank Manufacturing was called and Brett and Wade suggested a giant slot machine with the entire top as a 400 gallon fresh water aquarium complete with a center cut-away where couples could stand under and watch the fish over their heads. The fish would include Neon fish to represent the glitz and glamour of Vegas, Kissing Gurami’s to represent Love’s first Kiss and Tetra which appear with a long flowing tail to represent a bride’s train.  It would have 2 panels in the front that would light up and 3 lights along the top just like a real slot machine.  To cap it off, they put in a neon “Just Married” sign that would light up and bells would ring when the couple pulled the giant slot handle (affectionately named Big Bertha).

In the episode, to landmark their 15 year anniversary, Wade and Heather decide to get their wedding vows renewed as the first couple to experience the Casino Wedding Chapel and Big Bertha!  But Wade overslept and was late to the chapel!  He ran in after all were waiting anxiously just in time to re-tie the knot and take a pull on Big Bertha!  The Casino Wedding Chapel by Vegas Weddings isn’t just for newlyweds, but for all couples coming to Las Vegas who want to renew their love with a fun and uniquely memorable experience…The Ultimate Date Night!”

To celebrate the new Casino Chapel, we’re offering a special! For any vow renewal booked at the new Casino Chapel valued at $199 or more, you receive $50 off for a limited time!

Not sure which Vegas Weddings package you want?
Don’t worry, you can secure your date now, and pick a package later!

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10 Best Fall Wedding Touches

If you’re planning an autumn wedding, congratulations! From changing leaves to milder temperatures to a few extra vacation days, fall is a special time even when you’re not planning your matrimonial bliss. But when you are planning an autumn ‘I do,’ you’re in luck — this season lends itself to some fun, beautiful, and even tasty wedding ideas! Here are our top ten:

1. Leaves: Talk about cheap decor! Take a quick road-trip to find a canyon filled with fallen autumn leaves. Use these in an arbor, on serving and guest tables, or even in flower arrangements.

2. Cream: Forget traditional “white.” Fall is the perfect time to select a beautiful cream or champagne-colored dress.

3. Pies! Who need a cake when autumn’s bounty can be stuffed into a variety of mouthwatering pies? Apple, peach, pear chutney?

4. Masquerade: With Halloween looming, what could be more fun or appropriate than a masquerade? Ask guests to arrive in gowns, masks and makeup!

5. Caramel apples: The quintessential autumn treat is the perfect guest favor or festive addition to the dessert table.

6. Squashed: Make your menu a festive event by showcasing autum’s favorite vegetables. Butternut squash soup or roasted pumpkin seed salad are yummy choices.

7. “Crisp” Accessories: When the days (and nights!) cool a bit, you have the option of accessorizing your wedding attire too! Pick a beautiful jacket or wrap to compliment your gown.

8. Barnyard stomp: During the fall season, a farm or barn-style wedding can be either casual or elegant. Find a site with rustic country appeal to backdrop your autumn decor.

9. Fall florals: Select flowers from fall’s beautiful spectrum. Dahlias and mums are both in season and offer rich color and rustic charm.

10. Spices: Keep your party spicy with fall’s best offerings. Select a spice cake or gingerbread cupcakes or layer spiced pinecones into table centerpieces. The scent (and taste!) will literally reek fall!

Planning a fall wedding? What special touches are you using?

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Five Wedding Traditions From Around the World

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably all-too familiar with the many traditions and customs of American weddings. But don’t think that changing countries or cultures will give you a stress-free wedding. Cultures across the globe have special traditions and rituals for their weddings too — you might be happy to host an American wedding after all!

China: Having trouble picking out your wedding dress? Try picking out three! In modern Chinese weddings, brides wear a total of three dresses. The first is a traditional Chinese qipao or cheongsam, a slim-fitting embroidered dress usually colored red. The second dress is a white dress not unlike western wedding dresses. The third dress is a gown or cocktail dress of the bride’s choosing. That’s a whole wardrobe for one wedding!

India: Think your pre-wedding makeup application is time-consuming? Well, if you were the bride in a traditional Indian wedding, you’d be spending hours applying menhdi, intricate traditional designs applied to the hands and feet using henna. The designs can take hours to apply, and several more hours to dry while the henna stains the skin.

United Kingdom: You might get a different type of bachelorette party if you chose the same bridesmaids as many English brides. In the United Kingdom, it’s traditional to select very young girls as bridesmaids. In fact, Princess Diana selected bridesmaids as young as 5, and Kate Middleton brought two three-year olds down the aisle as hers.

Southern Africa: In a traditional Zulu wedding, it’s customary for the groom’s family to slaughter a cow in order to welcome the new bride to their family. The slaughtering is part of the actual ceremony, and the new bride then places money inside the cow’s stomach to symbolize her joining the family.

Russia: Think your family is harsh? In Russia, grooms are required to “work” for their bride. Prior to the wedding, the groom asks what he can do to win his love. The family will require gifts, favors, and pure entertainment; some grooms are made to sing, dance, or perform to win their love. Your groom is luckier than he thought!

Are you integrating any culturally significant traditions into your wedding? We want to hear about them below!

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