New Casino Chapel Features a 400-gallon “Tanked” Aquarium and More!

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What’s more fun than a Las Vegas wedding? How about a casino-themed wedding, complete with a real slot machine, a Blackjack table, and a roulette wheel? Oh, and don’t forget about the 400 gallon aquarium built by the guys behind Animal Planet’s hit show, Tanked!

Tanked Cast & Crew

APL’s Tanked films at Vegas Weddings, starring Wayde King & Brett Raymer. Gina Houts, manager at Vegas Weddings, pictured second from right.

Here’s the scoop, straight from Gina Houts, manager at Vegas Weddings in Downtown Las Vegas:

“Cliff Evarts, owner of Vegas Weddings, wanted to convert part of his original chapel in to a Casino Wedding Chapel with the look of “Old Vegas” complete with a real slot machine, a Blackjack Table and Roulette Wheel.  But to really make it stand out, I suggested adding a special aquarium to the room.  Acrylic Tank Manufacturing was called and Brett and Wade suggested a giant slot machine with the entire top as a 400 gallon fresh water aquarium complete with a center cut-away where couples could stand under and watch the fish over their heads. The fish would include Neon fish to represent the glitz and glamour of Vegas, Kissing Gurami’s to represent Love’s first Kiss and Tetra which appear with a long flowing tail to represent a bride’s train.  It would have 2 panels in the front that would light up and 3 lights along the top just like a real slot machine.  To cap it off, they put in a neon “Just Married” sign that would light up and bells would ring when the couple pulled the giant slot handle (affectionately named Big Bertha).

In the episode, to landmark their 15 year anniversary, Wade and Heather decide to get their wedding vows renewed as the first couple to experience the Casino Wedding Chapel and Big Bertha!  But Wade overslept and was late to the chapel!  He ran in after all were waiting anxiously just in time to re-tie the knot and take a pull on Big Bertha!  The Casino Wedding Chapel by Vegas Weddings isn’t just for newlyweds, but for all couples coming to Las Vegas who want to renew their love with a fun and uniquely memorable experience…The Ultimate Date Night!”

To celebrate the new Casino Chapel, we’re offering a special! For any vow renewal booked at the new Casino Chapel valued at $199 or more, you receive $50 off for a limited time!

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